Biggio – 3000 hit countdown

We are going to the game today – April 8th
April 8, 2007, 2:57 pm
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We are going to see Jennings take on Wells today at the Juicebox. As when we went to Spring Training we ended up seeing Jennings versus the Braves in Florida. This always happens to me, it seems like when I don’t have season tix we end seeing the same pitcher each game we do go see – kinda of like watching some sitcom that you mean to watch but keep missing it, but then when you do see it – it is the only episode that you have seen , urgh.

I have a sneaky feeling though that Biggio might not start and Loretta will get his fist start as an Astro.


2 run double for Biggio in the 2nd – 2936 total hits
April 8, 2007, 5:13 am
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Biggio put the game away with a huge two run double early in the game today.  Could have had 3 RBIs if Burke is not picked off first after the walk. In any case the Astros will not go 0-162 – whewww!!!!.

Astros win 5 – 1 and event with the Cards at 1 – 4 overall.

A single for B-G-O in bottom of 5th – 2935 total hits
April 8, 2007, 5:07 am
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Astros still can’t figure out how to win.  Biggio went 1 – 4 in the first game against the hated, professionals the Cardinals.  Tony LaRussa rode the bus to the game and he did not get a rental while in town.  Tony use our cabbies if necessary or please just tell me where you are driving around tonight celebrating your team’s first win this year.

3 more hits including a HR – 2934 total hits
April 8, 2007, 5:02 am
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Well Biggio is off to a pretty fast start this year, might have to move up my projection for his 3000 hit this season.  Astros lose to Pirates to make it sweep by the Bucs.  The HR was to left field, of course.  Biggio needs to give some of these younger guys the short porch lesson.

69 and counting – 2931 Total Hits
April 4, 2007, 4:40 am
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bottom of the 8th, we’re looking for an insurance run,  B-G-O gets a nice single to left – 2931.

Astros lose in 10th.   Lights outs Lidge is coming to mean a light was knocked out by the opposing punching judy with a major jack. – urgh….

Welcome to the Craig Biggio hit counter – 2930
March 30, 2007, 9:23 pm
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Welcome baseball, astros and Craig Biggio (CB) fans.  This will be a place to discuss CB’s race to get 70 hits this season.  We can discuss other things as well, but let’s keep in focused on the amazing career of Biggio.

 First a little history lesson, it all began for Biggio with the Astros on June 26, 1988.  Now I was not at that game nor do I remember if I listened to it, but if you look at your calendar you will notice that was almost 19 years ago.  He was 22 then and playing catcher.  He was amazing the way he played and hustled every play.  I have always loved that.  He is one of the very rarest players to have made the all-star game from both the catcher and 2nd base position.  His best year was in 1998 where he had 51 doubles and 50 steals in the same season putting him and Tris Speaker as the only players to be able to claim that feat. 

CB will get his 70 hit this season barring any sort of injury or issue around the middle of the season, hopefully at Minute Maid Park (The Juicebox).  If he does I hope to be there with my son to witness it.  Otherwise, might have to do a roadie in case it is away ;).